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Week of 9/9

Here's a recap of a news story that has been running everywhere.  

Michael Burry - the Dr. turned investor who called the sub prime mortgage meltdown, has turned his eyes to what he thinks the next bubble is.  Let's discuss... 


Week of 8/26

China Week (spoiler: it'll be >1wk)

 “Most people would rather pay as little as possible for computers, electronics, and clothing, even if it means other Americans lose their jobs.”

The above is from an amazing blog post on the cause of the US / China trade imbalance (with interactive visualizations), containing a discussion of the effects and what they mean.  

Economics101 FTW 

Go Deeper

Dynamics with China are complicated, 

from cheaper goods, the effects of trade imbalance, currency deflation, and owning each-other's debt - an intertaingeled field.