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Modernizing Portfolio Theory

Lowering Fees & Costs


We think some basic principles everyone can agree on, are wanting to minimize fees, and only pay for useful help, or positive performance.  

So when far less than half of all active managers beat their benchmarks, how do all of them justify charging a fee?  Just to "shepherd" your money how they see fit!?  

We think that YOU are the best shepherd of your money.  (Even if only to educate yourself enough to know you actively want to make the decision to outsource your investing, or sit in cash).  

We aim to help investors of all levels extract maximum value by giving access to clear and robust education, information, and tools.

About Us

Simplicity & Personalization


We'll share all good public info we find, and aim to complement it, adding context to make it more useful for our community.

We provide tools and resources to fill in gaps, and to help you optimally execute your financial plan (whether that is minimal check-ups, or fully active/engaged investing).

Your advisor charges a fee (did they even beat passive?), and your robo-advisor still charges on AUM and takes custody. 

We are modernizing personal finance.  

ETFication is transforming the way information and technology get incorporated into a financial tool (our Portfolio Shepherd app), because of how information is best consumed, and what is needed in the financial landscape. 

Portfolio Shepherd

ETFs as our mascot


ETFication is next generation investing, assisted by the advent of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) {What is an ETF?} which disseminate essential tenets of portfolio construction to the every-day investor.    

However ETFs are just one tool in the modern investor's toolbelt, and ETFication discusses other concepts, and will provide tools to help implement industry best practices (mixed with your own input).

ETFication educates consumers by offering easy to digest information, basics, and more, holding no punches from hard topics, and with all players and aspects in view.  And we do it with style, grace, humor, poise, and the occasional cat-meme.