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Invest for Retirement (You Don’t Have to Die Broke and Penniless)

Are you panicked about your finances? Do you fear living on the street and dying penniless? Welcome to the club, we’ve been expecting you. Forty-four percent of Americans complain that...
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Which Loan Should You Pay off First and How to Start Saving?

If you clicked on this article, you are probably the proud owner of an expensive education, a stack of maxed-out credit cards, medical bills or some other burden of debt....
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Loss Aversion

Loss aversion defines peoples’ tendencies to prefer avoiding losses over acquiring gains. It explains the behavior that people will choose to stay where they are and not expand their financial...
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ETFs vs Mutual Funds

Imagine you are 22 years old and your parents just gifted you $10,000 to begin your investment journey. Where and how do you choose to allocate this money in the...
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3 Reasons Why Millennials Will Fire Their Parent’s Financial Advisors

As an estimated $68 trillion of wealth transfers from the baby boomer generation to the hands of millennials, Osterland claims that 80% of millennials will be on the hunt for...
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Anchoring and Adjustment

Anchoring and adjustment is an unconscious behavioral tendency. Therefore, the best way to counteract this phenomenon is to engage in critical thinking.
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Gambler’s Fallacy

The Gambler’s Fallacy - aptly named due to its prevalence in the casino scene - is an important concept for everyone, especially investors, to understand and avoid
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